The 2019 Greta Bird Lecture in Legal Theory and Critique (the third in this Series) was held in conjunction with the LSAANZ Law in End Times Conference at the Gold Coast campus in early December. Our speaker was the noted South African legal philosopher Professor Karin van Marle from the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, (pictured). Karin’s research engages with the crisis of modernity and a rethinking of the law along the lines of fragility, finitude and a giving up of ‘certitudes’.

In front of a large and appreciative audience, Karen spoke to the topic “Thoughts on a jurisprudence of doubt”. By viewing the South African Consitution as a living document, the Lecture focused on the concept of ‘resistability’, a theory that could keep potential for politics, community and open worldmaking.

This lecture series is named in honour of Adjunct Professor Greta Bird who is a founding member of the SLJ, and scholar in the fields of multiculturalism and the law, Indigenous studies, law and society, feminist critique, and law and society.