Nicholas Hasluck QCThe SLJ’s Judge in Residence for 2018 was former WA Supreme Court Justice Nicholas Hasluck QC.

Mr Hasluck was hosted at our Gold Coast and Lismore campuses in the week starting 14 May, as part of a full program of events coordinated by Professor Bee Chen Goh.

Nicholas Hasluck QC, Author "A Grain of Truth"As well as being a distinguished jurist, Mr. Hasluck has an equally distinguished career as a novelist and author of what he describes as ‘moral thriller genre and satire.’ While on campus, Mr. Hasluck gave selected readings to the SLJ’s Legal Theory Reading Group (led by Dr. Alessandro Pelizzon), was a guest lecturer in an online collaborate class in the core LLB unit ‘Philosophy of Law’, met students at a SCULA function at the Gold Coast, and was special guest at a breakfast function of the Gold Coast and District Law Society.