2020 Research Seminar Series

We are pleased to confirm that our first seminar for 2020 in the SLJ Research Seminar Series, will be held on Thursday 9 April 2020 at 12.00pm. This will be an online seminar only hosted by the Zoom platform. The presenter is our very own Dr. Rohan Price!

A recording from this seminar is available at:

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Revealing colonial critique in the writings of Nietzsche and Heidegger

Friedrich Nietzsche believed that slavery was necessary for the rise of Western civilisation and was an unashamed elitist in his writings about the Superhuman and the will to power. Martin Heidegger had a Nazi pedigree, was anti-semitic and openly hostile to liberal constitutional government. Yet these philosophers are regarded as the greatest exponents of German moral philosophy in the 19th and 20th centuries respectively. In this seminar, I harmonise Nietzsche’s idea of an invalid judgement or untruth being a necessary condition of life and Heidegger’s notion that a representation is an outcome of doubt forming an exception to certainty (or truth). Having done this, I ask: how can a knowingly invalid judgement or a doubted representation provide opportunities for critique of colonial policy and where might we find examples?

Dr Rohan Price authors books on the role of violence and nationalism on the policies of the British Far East. He specialises in the influence of property law on civic identity in the old British colonies and the construction of ideology in colonial contexts. Rohan also wrote an acclaimed biography of a prominent Hong Kong Land Officer and Judge, Philip Jacks. His most recent work, Violence and Emancipation in Colonial Ideology: Hong Kong and British Malaya has been called “a major contribution to the literature” holding “an unparalleled command of both scholarly literature and primary sources”.

Rohan published Resistance in Colonial and Communist China (1950-1963): Anatomy of a Riot with Routledge History in 2019 and is also under contract to publish Nietzsche, Heidegger and Colonial HistoryThe Occupations of South East Asia with Routledge later this year.