From Flint, Michigan to Dublin, Ireland, Dr. Cristy Clark’s research into the human right to water and community activism has yielded rich research outcomes. These include a journal article in the Human Rights Law Review (oxford University Press), ‘Of what use is a deradicalized human right to water?’, conference papers at the Association for Law, Property & Society conference at the University of Michigan, and the Critical Legal Conference at Warwick University, UK, and invitations to publish in a special issue of the Community Development Journal (2018), and edited book, Governance, Rights and Justice in Water: New Ideas and Realities (Routledge, 2018).

Cristy’s visit to Michigan also provided an opportunity to interview residents impacted by the Flint and Detroit water crises, the notorious mass disconnections and ongoing contamination of the public water supply to poor neighborhoods that saw a deadly outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease. Included was an interview with the attorney assisting the State Attorney General’s investigation into this national scandal.

Cristy is pictured with members of the Detroit Water Brigade, and separately with Associate Professor John Page at the Michigan Urban Farm Initiative, where SLJ academics practised grounded property principles, planting sensory plants in a new community garden at a Detroit urban farm collective.