The narratives of climate change have been the focus of Dr. Nicole Rogers’ scholarship in 2018. In January, Dr. Rogers secured a book contract with Routledge on this topic, and in July, as symposium co-founder, she co-organised a pioneering inter-disciplinary and cross institutional symposium at the University of Newcastle, the Narratives of Climate Change.

The symposium weaved together narratives of climate science, climate activism, climate justice and climate storytelling, with speakers from diverse areas including science, law, architecture, visual arts, creative writing and journalism.

In addition, Nicole was invited to contribute to a collection of essays engaging with the work of leading environmental ethicist Prof. J
Ronald Engel in The Future of Global Environmental Ethics (Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2018), and her journal article ‘Beyond Reason: Activism and Law in a Time of Climate Change’ will shortly appear in the Michigan State University’s Journal for the Study of Radicalism.