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Mr Rudolf Ondrich
PhD Student, Griffith University

This paper will examine how the Romanian-born German conductor Sergiu Celibidache shapes and manipulates time in both music and the law. I will look in tandem at his philosophy of music and how it relates to the philosophy of law, as well as examine the protracted legal proceedings between himself and the principal trombonist of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra Abbie Conant (who alleged sexual discrimination against the orchestra). In both cases, Celibidache prolonged the time of each event – musically by conducting music much “slower” compared to other conductors in order for the listener to receive a “transcendent experience” and legally by prolonging the proceedings with Conanat as a tactic to encourage her to drop the case against the orchestra. In both instances we can see a conductor manipulate time in both musical and legal contexts.

NB. This abstract is still very much a work in progress. My research will naturally expand, develop etc from now until the conference in December 2019. Having said that, the paper I propose to present will definitely be a law and music presentation focusing on the work of Celibidache and will likely deal in some ways with the themes discussed above.

I am a current PhD student at the Griffith Law School, Griffith University at Nathan, Australia. My PhD research is in law and music, specifically analysing the musical work and philosophy of the Romanian born German conductor Sergiu Celibidache through the lens of legal theory. I have previously published in the field of law and music, specifically examining the work of another conductor, Wilhelm Furtwängler, through the lens of legal philosophy.

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