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Marcus Edwards
University of Tasmania

Beginning with Lisa Landrum’s attentiveness to the architecting of theoria, we enter the shared space of Monderman, via the inscription on Giotto’s Justice of Padua above, to arrive at the troubling intersection of law, vocation, and justice in the book of Jonah. In each of these vignettes a ‘wondrous spectacle is witnessed’ wherein the life of a community is re-choreographed in beneficial, though not undemanding and uncontested, ways.

Marcus Edwards has worked with educational organisations in Australia and New Zealand and is currently undertaking research for his PhD thesis on ‘Educating for the Skilled Practice of Justice’. This interdisciplinary research project considers the ways in which justice commitments and processes respond to and shape landscape, society and human being, and give rise to specific educational practices. The research investigates the plurality of relationships between justice and law, and the liminal trajectory of justice, which effects the re-constitution of the landscape. The implications of this research for educational practice is considered and illustrated throughout the thesis.

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