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Professor Jaroslav Kusnir
University of Presov, Slovakia

In her novel Storyland, Catherine McKinnon depicts a loosely interconnected stories of five characters/ narrators spanning from the convict past up to the present. The stories are interconnected through a depiction of a specific place, that is Australia, and the author depicts not only a revisional and alternative versions of Australian history and as transformation of its cultural identity, but also the importance of Australian Aboriginal culture and the environmental devastation/crisis caused by the modernist technologies and colonization. This paper will analyze McKinnon´s depiction of the  Australian history and its alternative version as seen from the Aboriginal perspective as well as a depiction of nature as seen from the point of view of both Australian Aboriginal and white western rationalistic perspectives. In addition, the paper will analyze McKinnon´s use of the imagery of destruction to analyze McKinnon´s depiction of natural destruction and environmental crisis caused by the influence of modernity and modern technologies.

Jaroslav Kušnír is Professor of American, British and Australian literature at the University of Prešov, Slovakia. He is the author of Poetika americkej postmodernej prózy (Richard Brautigan and Donald Barthelme)[Poetics of American Postmodern Fiction: Richard Brautigan and Donald Barthelme]. Prešov, Slovakia: Impreso, 2001; American Fiction: Modernism-Postmodernism, Popular Culture, and Metafiction. Stuttgart, Germany: Ibidem, 2005; Australian Literature in Contexts. Banská Bystrica, Slovakia: Trian, 2003; and Postmodernism and After: New Sensibility, Media, Pop Culture, and Communication Technologies in Anglophone Literatures. Nitra:ASPA, 2015.

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