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Dr Bronwyn Lay

Bronwyn Lay proposes that law and the nation state are underpinned not only by social, but also material violence. She will explore the possibilities of material violence being normatively and legally recognised and discuss the legal configurations and prohibitions that may occur. Would current mining practices survive such a reform?

Dr. Bronwyn Lay is the Ecological Justice Coordinator for Jesuit Social Services and Coordinator of the Climate Change Exchange at RMIT University.  With a background in criminal and family law she completed her PhD on legal philosophy and international land governance at the European Graduate School in 2014. She worked as a legal consultant for international NGO’s and expert organisations on environmental crime, was the Director of the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security and is published in a wide variety of forums on the subject of ecological justice. Her book Juris Materiarum: Empires of Earth, Soil and Dirt was released in 2016.

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