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Associate Professor Dorota Gozdecka
University of Helsinki

This presentation will focus on the process of writing of a contemporary play based on critical theory notions and will focus on the figures of contemporary Antigones. It will compare the notions of incommensurability and the Antigonean conflict in telling stories about the contemporary relationship between law, justice and injustice. I will argue that contemporary Antigones permeate multiple troubled alliances between law, justice and the call of duty in the contemporary world. Finally, I will explain how the process of writing ‘Trumpsformation’, a contemporary critical theory play, used these notions to tell a story about injustice, law and incommensurability in the times of the conflict over the notion of belonging and the shape of political community.

Dorota Gozdecka is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki. She has previously been an Associate Director at the Centre for Law, Arts and Humanities at the ANU College of Law.

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