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Mr Aidan Ricketts
Southern Cross University

As climate change destabilises our ecological world it also destabilizes our social world. Rising climate rebellion in Australia is being met with a corresponding political and legal resistance in the form of new laws against protest. This paper documents the emergence of anti-protest laws in a time of climate emergency and utilizes concepts derived from complexity theory to argue that an authoritarian response to climate rebellion is deeply maladaptive (as well as anti-democratic) because it mistakes the nature, magnitude and direction of the threat itself.

Aidan Ricketts is a lecturer with the School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University. Aidan’s research and publication specialty relates to the teory and practice of activism and social movements. Aidan is recognised internationally for his work in this area, having published The Activists Handbook: A Step By Step Guide to Participatory Democracy (Zedbooks London and New York) in 2012. Aidan is also a prominent social change trainer, presenter and columnist with extensive practical experience in activist education and police liaison as well as an expert on Australian anti-protest law, a rapidly growing field in recent years.

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