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LLHAA Call for Abstracts

Submission of Abstracts has now closed.

Registrations are now closed. 

(If you have any questions, please contact us)

Papers or panel proposals (of three to four papers) are invited on a broad range of topics relating to the conference theme of ‘Law in End Times’, primarily (although not exclusively) within the following sub-themes:

  • Utopia/dystopia/myopia
  • Post-humanism and futurism
  • Colonialism, the end of culture and Indigenous resistance
  • The end of rationality: law’s desire, law’s unconscious, law’s apocrypha
  • Speculative realism, anti-philosophy and the end of theory
  • The end of nature: environmental crises and ecological collapse
  • War, conflict, and the end of peace
  • Law’s materialisms
  • Fake news and the end of truth
  • Law, historicity, and the construction of time
  • Biogenetics, prosthetics, biohacking, gene-hacking: the end of death
  • Digital humanities: visions, panics, punk
  • Gender, bodies and desire: law and the future of sex
  • Automating law and automatic law: the end of the legal profession
  • Failed revolutions and the end of history
  • Holding back the apocalypse: Law, the Katechon and Political Theology

Papers are also invited on all other intersectional topics relevant to the conference theme. The committee welcomes proposals across a range of disciplines including (but not limited to) law, humanities, and the arts.

Postgraduate Day

The conference, in association with the Law, Literature & the Humanities Association of Australasia (LLHAA) and the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ), offers a Postgraduate Day, to be held on Thursday 5 December (the day after the LLHAA conference the first evening of the LSAANZ conference). The Postgrad Day offers Higher Degree Research students an opportunity to connect with each other and with senior academics on a range of topics relevant to their future careers.

Higher Degree Research students who wish to attend the Postgrad Day must register for either the LLHAA or the LSAANZ conference (or both). Upon registration, Higher Degree Research students must indicate their intention to attend the Postgrad Day.

Publication Prizes

The Law, Literature & the Humanities Association of Australasia (LLHAA) awards a publication prize to the author or authors whose book has, in the judgment of the LLHAA Committee, made the most significant contribution to the field of Australasian law, literature and humanities since the award of the last prize.

The winner will receive a prize certificate from the Law Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia, will be invited to a panel discussion of their work at the appropriate LLHAA conference, and their work will be reviewed and publicised on the Law Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia website/blog.

An additional Penny Pether Prize may be awarded to an Early Career Researcher (defined as a person who has been awarded a PhD within the last 5 years) if the LLHAA Committee deems that this is warranted.

Eligible authors will include those who write in the field of Australasian law, literature, and humanities or those whose scholarship in law, literature and humanities emerges from Australasia and the region.

Entries for the 2019 prize are due by 1 August 2019. Rules and the entry process is available on the LLHAA Publication Prizes page at

Higher Degree Research Scholarships

The LLH will make available a number of small bursaries to assist PhD and Research Masters candidates to attend the conference.

The bursaries are on an application basis and will be assessed by the LLHAA Committee.

Applications for the bursaries are due by 31 July 2019. Details of the application process and rules are available on the LLHAA Website:

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