5 December 2019 @ 4:00 am – 5:30 am
Southern Cross University
Gold Coast Campus (Lecture Theatre A2.20)
Bilinga, NSW 4225, Bilinga
NSW 4225
School of Law and Justice
2019 Greta Bird Lecture in Legal Theory and Critique @ Southern Cross University | Bilinga | NSW | AU

The School of Law and Justice are pleased to extend a warm invitation to the 3rd Annual Greta Bird Lecture in Legal Theory and Critique, to be held on 4 December 2019 at Southern Cross University Gold Coast campus. 

Light refreshments will be provided after the Lecture. Tickets are free but RSVP by 29 November is essential for catering purposes, thank you!

Keynote speaker: Professor Karin van Marle

Thoughts on a jurisprudence of doubt

Drawing on a number of perspectives and ideas, I want to consider the notion of the Constitution as a living document, the (im)possibility of politics and the (in)capacity of a constitution to allow for a politics that is not always already limited by its own structure. What is crucial for me is the idea of ‘resistibility’ that could keep potential for politics, ‘community’ and with it world making, open. The drawings and technique of drawing followed by South African artist William Kentridge serve as inspiration for my reflections, in particular his embrace of hesitation, provisionality and doubt.

Karin van Marle teaches legal philosophy and interpretation at the Department of Public Law of the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Her research involves critical theory, legal philosophy and jurisprudence. Her work engages the crisis of modernity and a rethinking of legal theory along lines of fragility, finitude and a ‘giving up of certitudes’.

She is an ethical feminist and her research and writing are inspired by and embedded in feminist theory. Recent publications include ‘Ubuntu-feminism – Tentative reflections’ (with D Cornell) (2015) Verbum et Ecclesia; ‘Post-1994 jurisprudence and its coming of age stories’ (2015) No foundations; ‘Mandela in/ and Pretoria’ Image and text (2015); ‘ ‘Welcoming’other ways of being and knowing’ (2017) Feminists@law; ‘Modernities and the making of worlds’ (2018) Law and Literature 11-27; ‘”Life is not simply fact”: Aesthetics, atmosphere and the neolibeal university’ Law and critique.

Adjunct Professor Greta Bird is a founding member of the School of Law and Justice, and scholar in the fields of multiculturalism and the law, Indigenous studies, law and society, feminist critique, and critical race theory.  She was an Australian Law Reform Commissioner on the Multiculturalism and Law reference, which reported in 1992 (Multiculturalism and the Law, Report 57), and Director of the National Centre for Cross-cultural Studies in Law. Her work has consistently broken new ground in Australian legal scholarship. Greta is the author of numerous works, including The Civilizing Mission: Race and the Construction of Crime (1987), and The Process of Law in Australia: Intercultural Perspectives (1993).