On 12 June, the SLJ hosted a screening of the confronting Australian documentary Dominion dominionmovement.com – again using the community-friendly Events Space at the Lismore Regional Gallery.

Dominion uses drone and undercover footage to raise questions, as its website describes, ‘about the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.’

The screening, again attended by a large crowd from all walks of the region, was followed by a lively panel discussion, exploring emerging issues in animal law, corporate transparency, privacy, and public protest.

Moderated by Professor William MacNeil, Dean of Law and Head, School of Law and Justice at SCU, the panel included Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Shoemaker, the SLJ’s Dr. Cristy Clark, and environmental lawyer (and 2018 Kirby Lecturer) Ms. Sue Higginson.

Dominion - Bringing emerging legal issues to the heart of community