Category: Issue 2 – November 2018

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of SLJ Research

Our first issue, published in late 2017, celebrated a year of research success; growing publication outputs, the launch of a keynote lecture in legal theory and critique, visiting judge and artist in residence programs, and a monthly research seminar series. As 2018 draws to a close, these key benchmarks continue to flourish, while new programs and events unroll.

This year, I can report on a busy list of research activities that are testament to a rich research culture in the SLJ, one that plays to our enduring strengths: a scholarly tradition that is critical, theoretical, cultural, progressive, and deeply imbued with an ethos of social and environmental justice. Film screenings, book readings, keynote conference papers, monthly research seminars, quality publication outputs, grants success, traditional and non-traditional research impacts, symposia, In Conversation events, Thursday Night Live provocations at the Quad – it has been a full year.

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