Aidan Ricketts’ ongoing research into the Bentley Blockade led to formal interviews in November with the region’s two most senior police for an upcoming paper on police/protestor liaison. Aidan’s research focuses on the high quality police liaison that was in place during the 2014 conflicts over unconventional gas drilling at the now iconic Bentley site which was described as ‘the biggest public order challenge ever faced by the NSW police service’. The research highlights that the social movement’s proactive approach to policing played a vital role in the blockade’s successful (and peaceful) resolution, and ultimately led to a dramatic change in NSW government policy.

This research project complements the publication of two articles by Aidan in the Alternative Law Journal in 2017, ‘Anti-protest laws: Lock up your nannas‘, and
Roadside Drug Testing: Incoherent Policy or Uncertainty-by-Design?